SDB Popularity Ranking: 9073

Last name: Ambage

SDB Popularity ranking: 9073

Recorded as Ambage, Amberg, Amsberg, Amberger and others, this ancient German surname is topographical in origin. It derives from the medieval phrase "amme berg", or "amme der berg" meaning "one who is of the mountain", a reference either to a mountaineer, or to one who lived at a place on a mountain. There are several places in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, called Berg, and it is equally possibly that the orginal nameholders came from any one or all, of these places. Topographical surnames were amongst the first to be created, since it was logical to call a person by the name of any outstanding natural feature near to them, and nothing is much more outstanding than a "berg". Not surprisingly perhaps the surname is one of the earliest to be recorded anywhere in the world. The first known of these recordings is that of Johann amme Berge, in the charters of the town of Bartenheim, in the year 1270, whilst in 1361, Agnes an der Berge, was recorded at the famous town of Worms, both in Germany. Later recordings taken from surviving German church registers include Georges Amberger, a witness at Necharkries, Wuertt, on May 25th 1587, Andreas Amberg, of Coburg, Sachsen, on March 28th 1704, and Leonard Amsberg, of Amern, Rheinland, on September 12th 1783.

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