SDB Popularity Ranking: 26448

Last name: Bagger

SDB Popularity ranking: 26448

Recorded in several spellings including Badger, Bagger, and the patronymic Badgers, this is an English surname. It is believed to be either an occupation surname for a maker or supplier of sacks, from the Olde English pre 7th century word "bagge", or it may be a nickname for a person, who at least on the face of it, was regarded by his fellows and neighbours as being like a badger, that is of a private nature, and rather withdrawn, or given the robust Chaucerian attitudes of the medieval period, the absolute reverse! It is not clear from the early recordings which of the origins is correct, or possibly neither. The surname as Bagger is now very rare, and it is said, being mainly found in the county of Kent. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving rolls and charters of the Middle Ages include: Ivo le Bagger in the Assize rolls of the county of Lancashire in 1246, Adam Badger in the register of the Manor of Wakefield, Yorkshire in the year 1324, and a "fused" spelling, being that of Ralph Baghere in the rolls of the county of Derbyshire in 1348.

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