SDB Popularity Ranking: 39313

Last name: Bellefant

SDB Popularity ranking: 39313

Recorded in several spellings, this is a surname of French origins. It is locational or perhaps ornamental, and the original spelling form would seem to have been the status one of de Bellefont as shown below. Subsequently it seems to have been recorded as de Bellefonds, Bellefont, Bellfonte, Bellefant, and possibly others. Arguably today it is more popular in the former French colonies of the West Indies, and in the United States of America, than in France itself. The name means literally 'beautiful spring', which may have originally referred to such a place, or there may be such a place which is still in existence, although if so, we have not been able to find it. It is also possible that it was an 'ornamental' name, created because it looked nice. Ornamental surnames were very popular in many countries particularly in the 18th centuries, when people became fixated by the beauties of the natural countryside, soon soon to be spoilt in the Industrial Revolution and the wars that followed. Research in France is more difficult because the majority of all registers were destroyed during the famous Revolution of 1792. One recording that did survive from earlier times is that of Jacque de Bellefont, whose daughter Jaquine was christened at Notre Dame de L'Esvieres, Angers, on September 1st 1628.

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