SDB Popularity Ranking: 4307

Last name: Blackford

SDB Popularity ranking: 4307

This is an Anglo-Scottish locational surname. There are estimated to be at least ten places called Blackford in England and one in Scotland, and all at various times may well have produced the Blackford surname. The English and Somerset villages near Wincanton and Wedmore provided the earliest examples with those of Robert de Blackford and Adame de Blakeford both appearing in the famous records known as Kirby's Quest for the year 1272. This was the first year of the reign of King Edward 1st (1272 - 1307). In Scotland the first recordings may be that of Paul Blakfurd, who was accused of manslaughter in Ayr in 1509, whilst John Blackmore is recorded in Perth in 1662. They may have originated from Blackford in Dunfermline, although an English connection is always possible. There also seems to be doubt as to the actual meaning of "Blackford". It is generally taken, without any convincing eveidence, to be from the pre 7th century Olde English word "blaec" meaning dark, and hence possibly an indication of deeper water, and a contradiction in that ford means a shallow river crossing. It is therefore possible at least that some Blackford places originate from the almost similar Olde English word "blac," meaning pale or wan, which would possibly describe shallow water, a more logical explanation.

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