SDB Popularity Ranking: 41613

Last name: Blune

SDB Popularity ranking: 41613

This very unusual surname recorded as Blun, Blunn, and Blune, is apparently English. Certainly in its varied spellings it has been recorded in England since at least the time of King Charles 1st (1625 - 1649), and there are no proven indications that it has come from any other country. However it is also true to say that its origins are uncertain and unproven, and it has no obvious meaning. Conjecture suggests that it may be a short form of the popular surname Blunt, also recorded in France as Blunno, and which seems to be the only other surname with a close affinity. If this is the case then it is quite possible that it may have been introduced by Huguenot refugees fleeing religious persecution in France or the northern continent. A second 'foreign' possiblity is the Germanic surname Blum or Blume, which has Askenasic origins annd means a flower. Blunt or Blunno is from either the Olde French word "blunt" meaning blond, or the earlier Norse-Viking "blundr" meaning sleepy, and hence a nickname. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving church registers of the diocese of Greater London include: Thomas Blun who married Dorothie Edwards at the church of St Gregory's by St Pauls, on July 4th 1636, John Blune who married Sarah Bateman at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, on April 21st 1681, and John Blunn, whose son William was christened at Christ Church, Southwark, on June 7th 1807.

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