SDB Popularity Ranking: 32255

Last name: Boykett

SDB Popularity ranking: 32255

Recorded as Boycott and Boykett, this is an English and sometimes Irish surname, although the origins are the same. It is a name which has at various times has been very much in the international limelight. Surprisingly perhaps it is locational from either Boycott in Berkshire, or Boycott in Shropshire. According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Place names, both mean 'Boia's cot' with Boia being an Olde English pre 7th century personal endearment name which does mean boy or young man. The surname lived a quiet time for the first five hundred years of its existence, with the earliest recording being possibly that of the William de Boycote of Berkshire in 1278. He was probably the lord of the manor of Boycott. The surname first came to real prominence in the 19th century through the activities of Captain Charles Boycott (1832 - 1897). He was the land agent to the earl of Erne in County Mayo, Ireland, and was 'socially excommunicated' for his refusal to bow to the growing power of the Land League in Ireland. He gave his name to the verb 'to boycott', a term which it is said, is now used in every European language. So much for fame. The second time the name came to prominence was with the English cricketer Geoffrey Boycott. He was the first English batsman to average over 100 runs per innings in a season of county cricket, and he also scored over one hundred centuries. Since retirement his subsequent personal relationships have however provided even more international headlines than even his illustrious career.

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