SDB Popularity Ranking: 29556

Last name: Braghini

SDB Popularity ranking: 29556

Recorded in the spellings of Braga, and the diminutive Bragahini, this is a locational surname. Recorded in various parts of Southern and Western Europe, it is a surname which can be Italian or Portugese. There are two possible origins and meanings. The first is from the Roman (Latin) word 'bracae' meaning trousers or leggings, and as such probably described a maker or seller of these garments. Secondly the origin could be pre 5th century Celtic and Portugese from the tribal name 'Bracari'. This name also derives from the Latin 'bracae', but as to why a tribe should be so-named for wearing trousers, unless they were of a particularly special sort or even colour, defies logical explanation. It seems though that in ancient times the Celts traded up and down the west coast of Britain and Ireland, and across the Channel to the continent. Again the tribal name may by transference, indicate merchants who sold clothes. What seem to be certain is that some of the Bracari settled in Portugal, the city being named after them. Examples of the surname recording taken at random include: Angelo Braga, whose daughter Maia was christened at Adria, Rovigo, and Pietro Braghini, whose daighter Anna Luigiawas christened at Capolargo, Varese, Italy, on February 21st 1895.

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