SDB Popularity Ranking: 37733

Last name: Brenstuhl

SDB Popularity ranking: 37733

Recorded in several spellings including Brenstuhl, Brennstuhl, Brennenstuhl, and possibly others, this is a German surname. It is a compound and probably what is known as a 'romantic'. That is to say a name which may appear to mean something or even be locational or job descriptive, but in fact is abstract. These 'names' were originally pre 9th century in origin and often connected with the beauty of nature as well as religion, possesion, and strength of will. This surname would seem defy all these theories and to translate literally as 'Burnt chair'. If so it may have some medieval significance, but more likely may have had an original meaning which we no longer understand. The surname has been well recorded in Germany since tyhe early 18th century, and this may be significant as it was at that time that many refugees flooded into Germany. The surname seems to be particulary associated with the former state of Wurttemburg where all early recordings are to be found. These include Hanss Jerg Brennenstuhl at Weil im Schoenbuch, whose daughter Barbara was baptised there on September 25th 1717.

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