SDB Popularity Ranking: 13256

Last name: Clubb

SDB Popularity ranking: 13256

Recorded as Club, Clubb, and the rare Clubbe, this is an English surname. It is or rather was, a medieval occupational surname for a "clubber" or a maker of clubs used for warlike purposes. These clubs came in many forms, but were designed for close combat and were often studded with iron to increase their weight and efficiency. In tournaments clubs were often preferred to swords or battle axes, as being easier to use, and better for unhorsing an opponent. The club maker also manufactured other weapons and implements, and was a prominent member of society. By the ancient laws of England, all adult males between the ages of fifteen and sixty five had to be provided by their local lord or sherrif with at least a knife, staff or club, as well as taking part in archery practise every Sunday. The surname not surprsingly, is one of the very first recorded anywhere in the world. For some unknown reason most early recordings are from the Cambridge area, with Gilbert Clobbe appearing in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Cambridge in the year 1166, and Stephen Clubbe also in the Pipe Rolls of Cambridge, but in the year 1204. Other recordings include Walter le Clubbere in the Assize Rolls of Cambridge in the year 1260. Clubber was always a very rare surname, and is now believed to be extinct.

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