SDB Popularity Ranking: 17203

Last name: Coda

SDB Popularity ranking: 17203

Recorded as Coda and Codi, this is an Italian surname. It is one of a large group of occupational surnames which derive from fruit or herbs or at least vegetation which had some medicinal use. These names include Rovati and Baraggia which refer to a particular type of bramble, Lupinacci meaning the honeysuckle, and for heather names which include Cornale, Grion and Coda. The latter is also known by the name of 'Love lies a bleeding' although for what reason we are unable to say. It is unclear how many surnames there are under shrubs, reeds, fearns and rushes, but it is over a hundred, and each area of Italy has a different spelling for the same plant. In this example Coda is from Roma, whilst Cornale is from Potenza and Brucale from Novara, but all mean the same. As to when the name was first recorded is not known. Italian recordings from the former richer states being erratic and usually non existent from the poorer ones. After Italy became united in 1860 recording did improve, but for a long time only marginally. However in this case we are lucky, and we have the recording of Antonio Codi at Siena on August 16th 1583, and that of Fedela Coda at Taranto on May 2nd 1868.

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