SDB Popularity Ranking: 42959

Last name: Colleford

SDB Popularity ranking: 42959

Recorded in many spellings including Collaford, Colliford, Culleford, Cullerford, Cullrford, Culliford, Cullyford, and others, this is a traditional English surname. It is locational either from any or all of three places Coleford. The first in the county of Gloucestershire, the second in Devonshire, and the third and oldest in the county of Somerset. The latter is first recorded as 'Colforde' inthe famous Domesday Book of 1086. An alternative suggestion is that that it may allso originate from a now 'lost' medieval place whose spelling may have been 'calne-forda.' All have the meaning of the shallow crossing on the roaring (or wild) river. The river name Colne found in various parts of the country, is from the Ancient British word 'calne,' as is the place name of Coleford. Early examples of the surname spelling taken from surviving registers of the city of London include Matthew Culleford at St Mary Woolnoth, on December 21st 1630, Richard Colliford, a christening witness at St Stephan Coleman Street, on December 30th 1665, and John Cullerford who married Jane Tayett at St Mary's Spitalfields, on December 31st 1855.

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