SDB Popularity Ranking: 4832

Last name: Comrie

SDB Popularity ranking: 4832

Recorded as Comrie, Comry and Comrea, this is an ancient Scottish surname. It originates from an estate known as 'The lands of Comrie' in the county of Perthshire, now a parish and village. The first recordings or at least those that have survived, are to be found in about the year 1447 when John de Cumre as spelt, held the lands by royal charter. This charter was renewed in 1475, when the spelling changed again to that of John Combry, although whether this was the same person is unclear. The original nameholders were still to be found in the parish in 1673, when yet another John, but by now spelt in the modern form of Comrie, is still recorded as charter holder. Although there is nothing to directly link the nameholders with the famous or infamous MacGregor clan, it seems that after 1613 when the clan was outlawed, and members forced to change their name, some took up residence in the village of Comrie and changed their name to Comrie. The outlawing of the MacGregor clan was not finally rescinded until 1780, when they were restored to their fortunes, or what remained of them. Whether the Comrie's reverted to MacGregor, is unclear.

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