SDB Popularity Ranking: 13524

Last name: Cruden

SDB Popularity ranking: 13524

This is a Scottish locational surname recorded in several spellings including Cruden, Crudden and Crowden. The latter form can also overlap with the English Crowden from Devonshire, and without a full genealogical survey on an individual nameholder, it may not be possible to tell the origin. The Scottish name holders however originate from Cruden in the parish of Buchan, Aberdeenshire. The meaning of the place name, and hence the later surname, is uncertain but it is probably a developed form of the pre 7th century Olde British "cruc" meaning a hill or mound and "don", which also means a hill, although it could be "denu" a valley. "Overlapping place names" are not uncommon, Pendle Hill in Lancashire, England, has three elements. All mean "hill" and each represents a historical period from Ancient British through to Anglo-Saxon and Norse Viking. The North East of Scotland whilst fiercely nationalistic in many ways, is or rather was, a sort of English colony. Many surnames found there in some quantity such as Smith and even Brook, are obviously of English origin, and yet have been recorded in the city since the 15th century. The first Cruden name recording is believed to be that Marion Croudane in the year 1441, when she made "a complaint" to the town council of Aberdeen. In 1445 Thomas Crudane was admitted as a burgess of Aberdeen whilst rather later Alewxander Cruden (1707 - 1770) was an author of several biblical works which received much attention in tbose days of religious passion..

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