SDB Popularity Ranking: 23212

Last name: Cullity

SDB Popularity ranking: 23212

This is an Irish surname of several possible spellings and origins. The world famous IGI or International Genealogical Index appears to conclude that the spellings as Kelledy and Cullity, Culloty or Cullotey, have the same origin, but it is difficult to see how they arrive at this conclusion. Kelledy is a surname which seems to be particular only to County Louth, whilst the various Culloty spellings are almost as geographical being generally recorded in County Kerry in the far west of the country. Kelledy or originally O' Callada in the Gaelic, originates from the pre 10th century word "callaid" meaning crafty, and as such was a nickname for the original nameholder or chief of the clan. Culloty is from the word "codlagh" meaning sheep, and is occupational for a shepherd or sheep farmer, a logical development considering that County Kerry is sheep country. Early examples of the surname recording taken from surviving church registers of Ireland include Daniel Cullotey, a witness at Killarney, County Kerry, on June 26th 1795, Catherine Cullity, who was christened at Ardfert, also County Kerry, on January 30th 1836, and Catherine Kelledy, a witness at Louth, County Louth, on April 15th 1864.

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