SDB Popularity Ranking: 7238

Last name: Deboo

SDB Popularity ranking: 7238

Recorded in England in a wide range of spellings including Debo, Deboo, Deboy, Du Bau, De Bo, Du Bo, Du Bu, Debow, Dubeau, Debaux and no doubt others, this is a surname of apparently French origins. It is almost certainly locational from a place called Baux, in the Midi, an area of France which had strong Huguenot protestant associations. In the 17th century King Louis X1V (1643 - 1715) decided that the protestants would either conform to the Roman Catholic form, or would be driven out. Many chose to leave and it is known that over one hundred thousand people with protestant beliefs did so. At least half made their way to England, then regarded as the centre of the Protestant faith, although in fact they arrived at a time when England itself was in a state of flux, which was to lead to the Civil War of 1640 - 1660. Then as now 'foreigners' were treated with considerable suspicion, and their names when recorded, were often given a 'sounds like' appearance. This is a good example. The first recording may be that of John Doboe, at the famous refugee church of St Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on July 28th 1613. Other recordings from the same period of history include John Deboo who married Elizabeth Cole at St Katherines by the Tower (of London) on November 19th 1637, and Jacques du Bo at Threadneedle Street French Church, on February 16th 1651. .

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