SDB Popularity Ranking: 8233

Last name: Delgadillo

SDB Popularity ranking: 8233

Recorded as Delgado and Delgadillo (Spain & Portugal), and in North America as occasionally Delgardo, this is one of the great surnames of the Iberian Peninsula, the region of Europe consisting of Spain and Portugal. In one way or another the name as Delgado is found in every part of the world where the Spanish and/or Portugese have been predominant. It is often a place (name) spelt as either Delgado or sometimes Delgardo, and the surname itself is often locational from any of the ancient places so called. The origination is from the Latin (Roman) ''delicatus'' which has a variety of meanings, but all may be said to describe something special, something beautiful. The Dictionary of World Surnames says that this is a nickname, and in some cases that may be so, either for somebody who was beautiful and delicate, or given the robust humour of the medieval period - the complete opposite! Sometimes a coat of arms will give a clue as to the original meaning of a surname, but although there are at least three recorded, Deldadillo and Delgado of Castille, and Delgado-Monroy of Spain, these do not provide convincing evidence of meaning. Both Spanish and Portugese recordings of births, deaths and marriage before the 20th century are at best erratic. However we have found the early recordings of Rodriguez Delgadillo at Nuestra Senora la Antigua, Valladollid, Spain, on January 5th 1569, Juan Delgado and his wife Maria del Salto, at Alhendin, Granada, Spain, on January 15th 1603, whilst Catherine Delgada married Gonzalo Defreitas at Sao Sebastiao, Funchal, Madeira, on November 21st 1621.

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