SDB Popularity Ranking: 12790

Last name: Dinning

SDB Popularity ranking: 12790

This intesting surname recorded as Dinin, Dining, and Dinning, is one of the apparently English variant forms of the Anglicised Irish surname O'' Dineen or Denning, originating from the Gaelic O'' Duinnin. This translates as ''The descendant of the son of Brown,'' from the ancient word ''dunn''. The name has been popular in England for several centuries, but their main claim to fame comes as being the hereditary poets and historians to the famous West Cork clans the O''Sullivan and the MacCarthy, whose titular head was the Earl of Clancarty. Tadha O''Dineen was a prominent member of the 17th century school of poetry, sited at Blarney Castle, and also also personal poet to the earl. The spelling as Din(n)ing does not appear to be recorded before 1679, when one George Dining is recorded as marrying Elisa Thompson at St James church, Dukes Place, Westminster, on July 27th of that year. Twelve years later, his first wife having presumably died, we have the same George but now with the spelling as Dinning, recorded at the same church as marrying Hanna Usman on June 20th 1791. Was this the start of the Dinning surname? We have not been able to establish earlier recordings, but they may exist out there. If they do please let us know and we will include them.

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