SDB Popularity Ranking: 35814

Last name: Donnersberg

SDB Popularity ranking: 35814

Recorded in several forms including Donner, Donnerer, Donderer, Daunderer, Dundrer, Tonna and Thuna, this is a Germanic and Askenasic surname. As a personal or baptismal name it probably originates from the medieval word 'thuna', although the ultimate origin is almost certainly the ancient Norse-Viking pre 7th century word 'Thor' meaning thunder, and as found in the weekday name Thursday or Thor's day. As a surname it may have originated from the personal name or have been a medieval nickname for a person with a fierce temper, or even given the robust humour of those times, the complete reverse! What is certain is that the surname is very early with the first known recording being that of Dietrich Tonna of Mulhausen in the year 1310 and a little later that of Nicolaus Dunre of Griesheim in 1347. A locational form is that of Donnersberg with Daniel Donnersberg being recorded in the charters of Leoben in 1581.

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