SDB Popularity Ranking: 17970

Last name: Drakeford

SDB Popularity ranking: 17970

Recorded in a range of spellings including Drackford, Dracksford, Drakeford, Draxford and others, this is an English locational surname. It is locational, and clearly describes a shallow river crossing (pre 7th century forda), which was either owned by a person called Drake, or more likely was a place where "drax" took place. This was a point between usually two navigable rivers, where goods were transported across from one boat to another. A good example of this type of place was the village of Drax in the former West Riding of Yorkshire, which lies between the rivers Ouse and Aire. It is now the site of a huge power station which still obtains much of its fuel from canal barges operating on the two rivers. However as to where Drackford or similar was situated is unclear. The gazetters of the British Isles for the past two hundred years offer no clue, and therefore we conclude that it was one of the three thousand or so medieval "lost" villages which are known to have provided surnames. In this case the name is well recorded in the diocese of Greater London and examples of recordings from this source include: John Drackford, who married Margery Lyncolne at the church of St Margaret Pattens, on February 4th 1589, and Edward Drakeford, whose daughter Ann was christened at St Sepulchre church, on May 4th 1686.

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