SDB Popularity Ranking: 27107

Last name: Dripps

SDB Popularity ranking: 27107

This surname recorded as Drepp, Dripp and Dripps, is almost certainly German in origin. It seems to come from the same base as the surnames Trippe, Trippe and von Tripp, and describes either a person from a place where wooden shoes or clogs were made, or it is a metonymic for a maker of wooden shoes. However in England in medieval times there was the interesting surname of Dripinpan. This was also (probably) a metonymic for a maker of such utensils. Perhaps not surprisingly it was a rare surname and the last known recording is believed to be that of William Dripinpan, at the church of St Sepulchre, city of London, on August 10th 1678. Some twenty years later on March 1st 1702, a James Drippa and his wife Katherine were recorded at St Martins in the Field, Westminster, and two centuries later at the same church, Willam Drepp was recorded on November 8th 1874. Whether there is any relationship or association at all between these recordings is very uncertain, nethertheless they exist, and raise the possibility, however unlikely, that some Dripp(s) may be English in origin. The first known recording of the surname is probably that of Hans Dripp, from the town of Mosbach, in the state of Baden Germany, in the year 1588.

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