SDB Popularity Ranking: 33722

Last name: Ducham

SDB Popularity ranking: 33722

Recorded in several forms including Doche, Dochen, Dochon, Ducham, Duchan, Duchane, Duchant, Duchenne, and possibly others, this would seem to be a surname which is either English and locational or more likely French. If French it would seem to originate from the pre 8th century Savoyard word 'doche or dosches' whose origin is obscure, but is believed to mean a dock, as in a place where ships can be repaired or unloaded. However it would seem that there may be other interpretations in different parts of the country. Unfortunately the 'Dictionnaire etymologique des noms de France' does not quote references or dates, so we are not able to check sources. In England it is just possible that the name for some nameholders originates from Dockam, a tiny hamlet in the county of Gloucestershire. This name originates from the ancient Norse word 'dokkr' meaning a small, steep valley, which is also believed to be one of the interpretations in France. Examples of the surname recordings taken at random from surviving church registers include Francis Duchenne on January 27th 1739 at St Anne's Soho, Westminster, and Julia Dochen who was married at St Olaves church in the city of London, on October 11th 1819. In France where early records are nothing like as good, most being destroyed in the Revolution of 1792, we have Joseph Duchaine at Lemoncourt, Meurthe-et-Moselle, on February 21st 1741, and Marie Ducham at Mont sur Meurthe, on November 21st 1748.

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