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Last name: Duggleby

SDB Popularity ranking: 20576

This is an English locational surname, but one with some pre 9th century Danish-Viking and Irish origins. The village of Duggleby is in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and the derivation is from the personal name Dugfall, which whilst used by the Vikings was actually of Irish origins. It originates from the words "dubh gall" and translates as dark stranger. It seems odd that a name meaning dark stranger should be used by the Danes who were largely fair skinned, and perhaps even odder that the name was originally Irish. However in the period of history known as "The Dark Ages" much of Ireland was held by the Danes and the Norsemen, and it was from Ireland and the Isle of Man, that they made their conquests of much of the north of England as far south as 'The Wash' estuary. The suffix '-by' originally '-bi', is equivalent to the English word 'tun' and means a farm or perhaps settlement. Duggleby is first recorded in the famous Domesday Book of 1086 as 'Difgelbi', and later in 1190 as 'Deuegelbi'. It is unclear as to when the surname was first recorded, but early examples in the surviving church registers of the county of Yorkshire include:Ann Duggleby who married Richard Gaytes at Wintringham, on January 6th 1581, and Issabel Duglebie, the daughter of James Duglebie, who was christened at Lund near Beverly, on February 11th 1593.

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