SDB Popularity Ranking: 31749

Last name: Eixenberger

SDB Popularity ranking: 31749

Recorded in a number of spellings, this is an ancient medieval German surname from the very beginings of surnames or last names some seven hundred years ago. These spellings include Eisenberg, Eisenburg, Eisenberger, Eisenburger, Eixenburger and Eysenburg. However spelt the surname is from the town of Eisenberg (meaning 'Iron Mountain'), a place in the central area of Germany called Thuringa. This is a locational surname even though holders may have had all manner of positions and skills. Some at least were knights as shown by the coats of arms, whilst others were prominent in local politics. The popular alternative situation described a man, or at least usually a man, who had left his original home to move, somewhere else. Thereafter he was often 'identified' by his new neighbours, by the name of his former home. Spelling until the 19th century - being at best rudimentory- lead to the creation of 'sounds like' spellings. This surname however seems to have retained its basic forms even when it crossed seas and continents, sometimes a feat for Germanic names in North America . In the annals of heraldry it holds at least six separate and quite different coats of arms. These being recorded separately in Germany, Austria, and France. Perhaps the most prominent recorded in Rietstaps Armourial General, a work of three books printed in 1903 and believed to contain all continental 'arms' back to the 14th century. This shows the blazon of a 'Silver Castle on a blue field, surmounted by a single horse shoe', and is from the Souabe district of Germany. The earliest recording of the name is believed to be that of Hans Eysenburg, a burger of the town of Fussen in 1331. This is closely followed by Henry von Ysenberg, who was the Burgermeister of Liegnitz, Germany, in1332.

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