SDB Popularity Ranking: 14165

Last name: Endean

SDB Popularity ranking: 14165

This English locational surname is something of a mystery, and almost certainly a variant form of another surname. "Endean" would seem to originate from a pre 10th century area or place called "Ened-dun", or similar, and probably meaning the hill of the ducks, and this would seem to tie in with the village of Endon in the county of Staffordshire. This village is variously recorded as Eanandun, Enedun and Enedon as far back as the year 1003, and certainly gave rise to the surname Endon, which is well recorded in the county from the middle of 17th century. Furthermore the local registers suggest, although without positive proof, that the surname as Endean may originate here. The church registers for Staffordshire under the heading of "Endean" give as a first (and only) recording that of William Eniden, who was married at Stoke on February 2nd 1772. This does more than suggest that Eniden or Endean is a variant form of Endon. Other recordings include Thomas Enden at Hull, Yorkshire, on January 22nd 1815, whilst the first recording in London, and several centuries later than normal, is that of Henry Endean, at St Pancras Old Church, on September 25th 1854.The first recording of the surname may be that of Samuel Endon, at the town of Leek, Staffordshire, on December 13th 1646. This was during the reign of Charles 1st, known as "The Martyr", 1625 - 1649.

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