SDB Popularity Ranking: 20630

Last name: Everington

SDB Popularity ranking: 20630

Often confused with the very similar place name of Everingham, this is an English locational surname. There is however one major difference. Everingham as a place exists, whilst Everington does not. Both however are most widely recorded in the county of Lincolnshire in East Anglia, with the Everingtons being roughly in the middle of the county from Lincoln itself across to Skegness, whilst the Everinghams are slightly further south towards Boston. Everingham is a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire some fifty miles north and across the River Humber. This is a substantial barrier now, and much more so in the past. Everingham is recorded in Domesday Book of 1086 and translates as the place (ham) of the Eofor people (-ing), from the ancient British word "eofor" meaning wild boar, and so does Everington, with tun being a slightly later name for a farm or settlement. Both surnames are recorded in surviving church registers from the time of Queen Elizabth 1st (1558 - 1603). The surname is also an early settler name in Ireland, and recording examples include Allis Everington of Stainton by Langworth, Lincolnshire, on June 27th 1566, and Edward Everington. His daughter Elizabeth was christened at St Michans church, Dublin, Ireland, on December 27th 1674, in the reign of King Charles 11nd of England, (1660 - 1685).

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