SDB Popularity Ranking: 27033

Last name: Everleigh

SDB Popularity ranking: 27033

Recorded in several spelling forms including Everleigh, Eveleigh, Everley, Eversley, and Everly, this is an English locational surname. It originates from either of the villages called Everley, in Wiltshire and Yorkshire, or Eversley parish in Hampshire, or possibly for some nameholders from a now 'lost' medieval village believed to have been in the West of England. The name is believed to translate as 'boars wood' from the Olde English pre 7th century 'eofor' meaning a boar, and 'leah', an enclosure in a forest used for agriculture. Like most locational surnames, this is a 'from' name. That is to say that the name was given as easy identification to people after they left their original homes and moved elsewhere. It is also a reason why most locational surnames are to be found recorded in several spellings. The first recording of the surname in any form is that of John de Eversele of Kent in the year 1273, whilst recordings from surviving church registers include: Anne Everlaye, on October 1st 1580 at St Olaves church, Hart Street, Marie Everlie at St Brides church, Fleet Street, and John Everlegh on June 10th 1753 at St Lukes, Old Street, all city of London.

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