SDB Popularity Ranking: 25507

Last name: Fadell

SDB Popularity ranking: 25507

Recorded in various spellings this is a rare surname of almost certainly French origins. The recorded spellings include Feydel, Faydeau (France), and Fadell, Faddell and Faydel (English). However spelt the name is probably derived from the ancient and possibly pre medieval 11th century French verb 'faidir,' meaning literally 'to outlaw'. However it seems unlikely that somebody would have the surname of 'outlaw' if only because legally a person declared outlawed, he (we dont think there were any 'she's), - was beyond the law, and if captured would be executed without mercy! That said the various endings of -el, -ell, - deau and probably -dau, are diminutives meaning 'little' and hence a son or nephew might be called 'Little Outlaw' or perhaps 'Outlaw's nephew'. Surnames meanings from nicknames are notoriously difficult - but in this case the rarity of recordings does suggest that the name came from an unusual background. The first recording we have is from France with that of Guillaume Feydel at Loiret Boiscommun, in 1582. This is a rare survival of an early recording as most French registers were destroyed during the infamous Revolution of 1792. In England and specifically the city of London we have Edward Fadell, a christening witness at the church of St Giles Cripplegate, on December 23rd 1597, and a century later Jon Fadell who married Sarah Norcote at the church of St Benet Fink, on May 4th 1700. We have no linking recordings. Interestingly Riestap's Armourial General twice lists amongst the coats of arms for France, the name Faydau, although we could not find this spelling in the registers.

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