SDB Popularity Ranking: 1356

Last name: Fahy

SDB Popularity ranking: 1356

Recorded as Fahy, Fahey, Faghy, and possibly others, this is a famous Irish surname, although one of confusing origins. According to the famous historian, the late Edward MacLysaght, the name originates from County Galway where there is the hamlet known as Fahysvillage, but in former times Fhathaigh. It is also claimed that some of the people in Ireland now called Green were originally O' Fahy's. They became 'anglicised' in the spelling because the original Gaelic spelling was thought to be 'faithche' meaning green. It is now believed by some that the surname actually means 'foundation' from the ancient word 'fothadh. This seems just as unlikely as traditionally Irish surnames are taken from the original chief of the clan be that one thousand or more years ago. Many of these early names were descriptive for warriors or even followers of the early saints, this suggests that 'foundation' is not the correct interpretation. What is certain is that the Fahy's have held lands at Loughrea since before Cromwelllian times (1650), and continue to do so. Amongst the famous nameholders was Francis Fahy who was prominent in the Young Ireland movement of 1848, and another Francis Fahy, who became the Speaker of the Dail after Independance in 1921.

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