SDB Popularity Ranking: 29386

Last name: Farington

SDB Popularity ranking: 29386

This is a surname of somewhat confused origins, leading to confused spellings. It is English, locational, and recorded in several forms including Farenden, Farendon, Faringdon, Farington, Farrington, Farinton, Farindine, Ferrendene, and others. A study of the known recordings would suggest that however spelt, unless there is proven genealogy, it could come from any or all of the following places. These are Faringdon in the county of Berkshire. This village was first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of the year 924 a.d. The name translates as the fern covered hill. Secondly it could originate from Farringdon in Devonshire, recorded in the famous Domesday Book of 1086, and also means the fern covered hill, or thirdly from Farrington in Somerset or Farrington in Lancashire. These villages are also recorded in Domesday Book, and translate as the village amongst the ferns! The first recording is that of Robert Faryndon of Somerset in the charter known as "Kirby's Quest", and dated 1273. Other early recordings include Johannes de Feryngton of Yorkshire in the Poll Tax returns of 1379, and John Farington of Farington in Lancashire, recorded at the Chester Wills Registry in 1595

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