SDB Popularity Ranking: 37733

Last name: Fessions

SDB Popularity ranking: 37733

Recorded as Fessier, Fessler, Fesson, Fessions, and possibly others, this would seem to be a surname of French origins. The Dictionnaire Etymologique de Noms de France does not list it at all unless it be as Fessier and Fessler, a manufacturer or supplier of bottles probably made from leather. Interestingly the International Genealogical Index does record the name although only for France and then as Fessier or Fesson. The word 'fesse' literally means buttock, so it maybe that this surname has some other nickname association as with the surnames Legg or Armstrong. If so it may refer to a powerful man, or in this case literally 'son of the powerful man'. This is conjecture, but then it has to be conjecture with nicknames. These form a very large group within the surname listings, as without being present at the time when the name was 'given' it is impossible to be absolutey sure as to the meaning. Examples of recordings include Leontil Fessler who married Elizabeth Lorenz at Winkel, Haute-Rhin, on April 7th 1743, and Francois Fesson who married Reine Pesmier at Asfeld--la-Ville in the Ardenne on June 19th 1770, and

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