SDB Popularity Ranking: 36256

Last name: Folca

SDB Popularity ranking: 36256

Recorded in number of spellings ranging from the base forms of Folca or Folci, to such diminutives as Folcolino, Follacaro, Folacari and Folcarelli, this is an Italian surname. It is apparently occupational, and in medieval times described a Milanese weaver. However Italian surnames are without doubt the most difficult of all European surnames ro research with accuracy. The dictionary of Italian Surnames by Joseph G Fucilla, describes the subject as "unusually complicated" and goes on to say that "many surnames do not really signify what they superficially imply". With this we would most profoundly agree. Until 1860, Italy was only a loose federation of independant states with no central recording. Some states were rich and paid lip service to records, most did not bother. In addition many Italian surnames whilst hereditary, did not become "fixed" in spelling until quite recently in many regions. Until then it was the tradition for each successive generation to effectively design for themselves their particular spelling by adding or subtracting suffix diminutives and even prefix! As a result after four or five generations commencing from about the year 1400, the name might only retain one of two letters from the origin form!

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