SDB Popularity Ranking: 10188

Last name: Fowles

SDB Popularity ranking: 10188

Recorded in a large number of spellings including Fowle, Fowles, Fowell, Rowells, Fowls, Fuggle, Fullggles, Voules, Vowell, and others, this is a early medieval surname of Pre 7th century Olde English origins. It derives from the word ''fugol'' which originally described a wild bird, and was used either as a personal or nickname probably for somebody who behaved like a wild bird! As Fugler or Fowler it described a hunter of wild birds, as Fullard or Fowlherd, a keeper of flocks of fowl, and as the rare Fowling, it probably means ''Little Fugel'' a name of endearment. However spelt and wherever found it is one the earliest names on record with ''Fugel'', recorded in the Winton Rolls of Hampshire in 1066. This recording precedes official surnames by at least two centuries. William le Foul is recorded in the Court Rolls of Cambridgeshire in 1271. This is probably not a hereditary surname although it may have developed into one, although William Fogel in the Kirby rolls of Somerset in 1274 maybe hereditary. The surname when recorded with the the letter ''-s'' as in Fowels or Fuggles as examples, indicates a patronymic and a short form of ''Son of''''. As to why the ''-on'' is missing is one of the many mystery''s of the development of surnames. Just possibly for a few name holders, it could be a place name. There is a place called Vuggles (Farm) in the county of Sussex. The first record as a proven hereditary surname is probably Agnes Foweles in the Subsidy Rolls of the county of Worcester, in the west of England, in the year 1275. This was in the reign of King Edward 1st of England 1272 - 1307, and known as ''The hammer of the Scots''.

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