SDB Popularity Ranking: 24157

Last name: Froschauer

SDB Popularity ranking: 24157

Recorded as Frosch, Froschauer, Froschbach, Froschelmoser, Froschesser, Frosching, Froschmeier, and others, this is a German surname. The famous dictionary of German surnames called 'Etmologisches der Deutschen familiennamen' gives several possible origins. 'Frosch' means literally 'frog,' and the possible origins include firstly its use in a sporting sense for a good althlete or even an official messenger, one who could leap or jump like a frog. Secondly it could be residential for somebody who lived at house whose symbol or sign in the days before house numbers, was a frog, and thirdly it could be a nickname for somebody who was considered by his, or perhaps her, peer group to have the appearance or characteristics of a frog, whatever they may be! The difficulty with nicknames is that unless one was present when the name was first 'created' perhaps seven hundred years ago, it is very difficult today to say with any certainty, the precise meaning. The surname though is ancient, one of the first recorded, and early recordings include Haus Frosch of Mainz in 1294, Johannes Froschauer of Augsburg in 1494, and Tobias Frosching of Stuttgart in 1519.

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