SDB Popularity Ranking: 10828

Last name: Gallichan

SDB Popularity ranking: 10828

This is a surname which is well recorded in the British Channel Islands and specifically Jersey, with just the occasional recording in Guernsey. The surviving church register recordings which give the widest social pattern of a surname, commenced in England in the time of King Henry V111th (1510 - 1547), but it would seem not until about the time of King James 1st (1603 - 1625) in the Channel Islands and even later in Wales for instance. There are however unpublished earlier charters which often contain medieval examples of name recordings. The Channel Islands have traditionally had a "love - hate" relationship with France, but in truth the majority of Channel Islanders whilst fiercely retaining their independence, have their antecedents on the mainland and often in Normandy. In the case of this name we suspect without positive proof, that it is form of the French diminutive surname Galichon, from the ancient word "galer" meaning to amuse, and hence probably a medieval term for a comedian or comic actor. Spelling was never a strong point in Britain or Europe over the centuries, and local accents were very thick, leading to "sounds like" spellings. In this case the earliest recording that we have, and which may be Huguenot is that of Estienne Gallichan. He married Jeanne de la Haye at Holy Trinity Jersey, on September 23rd 1612.

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