SDB Popularity Ranking: 21898

Last name: Garwell

SDB Popularity ranking: 21898

According to the International Geological Index this is a surname of many spelling forms including Garvill, Garville, Garwell, Garwill, Gerrill, Jarville, Jarrel, Jarrell, (England), and Gerville (France). It is almost certainly of 11th century French origins, and probably locational. If so it is from either a village in the departement of La Manche in Northern France called Gerville, or from another village called Gerponville in Seine-Inferieure. It was almost certainly introduced into England at the time of the famous Conquest of 1066, although it may have had a second introduction at the time of the Huguenenot Protestant immigration of the 17th century. Over the centuries the spelling has apparently varied continuously from John de Jarpenville of Essex in the year 1283, to Richard Jardefield in the tax records known as the 'Feet of Fines' for the same county in 1527. Other spellings include Jardeveld, Gerdeveyle and Charpeuile at various times in the 15th century. Early examples of the surname recordings in what may be described as 'modern spellings' include Mary Jarrall at St Antholins church, in the city of London, on June 9th 1551, Henry Garvill who was christened at St Margaret's Westminster on December 1st 1616, and Thomas Garwell who married Charlotte Mason at St Lukes Finsbury, on July 12th 1770.

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