SDB Popularity Ranking: 33166

Last name: Gibbett

SDB Popularity ranking: 33166

This interesting surname is probably French. It would seem to be recorded there as Gibard, Gibaud, and diminutives Gibelin, Gibet and Gibey, whilst in England as Gibett, Gibretts, Gibbat, Gibbett and possibly others. However spelt it almost certainly originates from the Norman but ultimately Germanic name Gilbert, which has some fifty different spellings as a surname. This name in England is first recorded as early as the famous Domesday Book of 1086 with that of Gilbertus of Warwick, having been introduced by followers of Duke William of Normandy on his successful conquest of 1066. However although we have a recording of Dera Gibelot of Kent in the Hundred Rolls of 1279, it is not until the 17th and 18th century that it is apparently recorded as Gibet or Gibbett(s). This suggests although we have not found any proof, that it may have been a protestant Huguenot introduction in the period between 1580 and 1750. The surviving registers of the city of London include recordings such as Joseph Gibbetts who married Elizabeth Francis on June 4th 1739 possibly by special licence, and later Susanna Gibbett who married Thomas How at St Lukes Chelsea, on July 23rd 1784.

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