SDB Popularity Ranking: 30111

Last name: Glanert

SDB Popularity ranking: 30111

This is a very unusual surname with an equally confusing background. Recorded in a wide variety of spellings, all quite rare and including Glamart, Glanart, Glanert, Glemo, Glemeuax, Gleneau, Glenat, Glenet, Glumart and Glumert, the origin is almost certainly French. Research suggests that the surname was first recorded in the spellings of Glom, or the diminutives Glamaud, Glomaud, Glomeaux or Glomert. The 'Dictionnaire etymologique' of France gives the surname as being from the ancient pre 10th century personal name 'Glom or Glon', and in this context possibly translating as 'chief', plus the agent suffix aud, eau or ert, to give 'son of Glom', or perhaps 'kin of Glom'. Over the centuries in every country in the world, dialects, accents, and even the language itself, has continued to 'develop'. Surname development itself has also been driven by other forces including population movement between country and town, between regions of a country and finally between countries or continents. Education or often, the very lack of it, when mixed with language and dialect, has for many centuries resulted in the creation of surnames with 'sounds like' forms, often far from the original spelling. In this case early examples of the surname recordings associated with this surname include: Andres Gleneau, who married at Andard, Maine-et-Loire, France, on June 19th 1614, and Henry Glamart, who may have been a French Huguenot refugee, or the descendant of one, and who was a witness at the church of St Anns Soho, Westminster, England, on October 17th 1726.

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