SDB Popularity Ranking: 46978

Last name: Grollmann

SDB Popularity ranking: 46978

Recorded in a wide variety of spellings including Groll, Grolle, Krol, Kroll, Krolle, Krollman, Krollman, Von Grollmann, Grollmann, Grolmann and the apparently anglicized spelling of Crollman, this is a surname of German origins. It has two possible origins. The first is topographical and locational and derives from the pre 10th century word 'groll' meaning a grassy bank, which is also the name of several villages. The second is more personal, again being from the words 'groll or grolle', but in this case these apparently are a medieval nickname description for a sulky person! What is certain is that the nameholders recorded as 'von Grollmann' do definately originate from one of the villages, an example being that of Carl Wilhelm von Grollmann, born at Bochun, Westfalen, on August 5th 1577. The province of Westfalen seems to be an epi-centre of the surname in all its various spellings. Other recordings include those of Peter Krollmann, at Bergkirchen, Lippe, on January 19th 1689, whilst perhaps the earliest of all entries is that of Klaus Krol of Lubeck, in the year 1339. An interesting recording in London, England, on March 14th 1565 is that of Margaret Groman, at St Giles church, Cripplegate. This may have referred to a Grollman or even a Grossman, but neither is proven, nor is anything else.

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