SDB Popularity Ranking: 35955

Last name: Grovier

SDB Popularity ranking: 35955

This is apparently a surname of French origins. At first glance it appears to owe something to the British surnames Grove or Grover, and as such to describe somebody who lives or works in a "grove" or wood. However this is probably not the case. The development is almost certainly from a quite different source. It is job descriptive and originates either from the ancient French word "grouvel" also found as a surname, and as such an early description of a flour miller, or from Groseillier, and name also recorded outside of France as Grossier, Grosier,Grosvier, Grocer and Grosser, all of whom describe a breeder of geese. The name in all its various spellings is recorded in England from the early 18th century suggesting that it was a Huguenot name, the Huguenots being protestant refugees who fled from (mainly) France during the reign of King Louis X1V, 1643 - 1715. However from time to time the English have had a longing for all things French, in between being at war with them! This has included a "frenchifying" of the language and occasionally of surnames, by the addition of specifically French letters. Is this the case here? Is Grovier a name not recorded in France, really a form of Grover? We feel that it may be a development of Grosyer, Daniel Grosyer, also found as Grosier, being recorded at La Patente French church, Spitalfields, London, on March 12th 1710.

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