SDB Popularity Ranking: 12448

Last name: Gullick

SDB Popularity ranking: 12448

Recorded in various spellings including Goodlake, Goodluck, Gulick, Gullick, and even Cutlack, this is an early English medieval surname. It almost certainly however spelt in the late 20th century, originates from the ancient pre 7th century compound personal name 'Gotlac' from the words 'god' meaning good, and the suffix 'lac' which may mean play or sport, or possibly lake. As 'good lake' it is just possible, although unproven, that the name may have been topographical, and refer to residence by a stretch of fresh water which perhaps was renowned for its fishing. In the famous Domesaday Book of 1086 there is a reference to one Gotlac of Cheshire, and this is believed to be the first recording in any form of what might be called the hereditary surname. Other early examples of recordings showing the gradual development of the surname include those of Robertus Guthlach of the county of Lancashire in the year 1187, Simon Godeloc in the tax rolls known as the 'Feet of Fines' for the county of Cambridge in 1247, and Isabella Gullake in the 'Subsidy Rolls' of Somerset in 1327.

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