SDB Popularity Ranking: 30463

Last name: Hammarberg

SDB Popularity ranking: 30463

This German locational surname is recorded in several spellings. These include Hammarberg, Hammerberg, Hammerberger, and Hammelberg. The derivational is from the pre 7th century word 'hamm' meaning low lying land, plus '-er', which in the case of 'residential' surnames, describes a person who lived at such a place, plus 'berg'. This can describe either a castle or fortress or sometimes a mountain, or even a castle on a mountain, much depends on the local circumstances prevailing in ancient times. The translation gives a literal meaning of 'the people living on the flat land by the mountain (or fortress)'. The city of Hamburg derives from such an origin, being on flat lands at the mouth of the Elbe river, and it is possible that some nameholders may also originate from there. The surname in any recognizeable form, is first recorded in Konstanz in 1417 when Heinrich Hammelberg was entered on the registers as being a burgess of the city. A later recording and then in Koln (Cologne) in the year 1575, is that of Hans Hamerberg or Hamerberger, there are several recordings. These also indicate his occupation or status as being a 'seidensticker' or silk maker.

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