SDB Popularity Ranking: 14934

Last name: Hark

SDB Popularity ranking: 14934

According to the famous International Genealogical Index this surname is associated with or recorded in many interlinked spelling forms. These apparently include Arck, Ark, Arkey, Arcus, Arkiss, Erck, Ercks, Harcus, Hark, Harke, Harkus, Herrick, Urke, Urwick, Urswick and others! Given such a varied background it is difficult find either a common origin or even a common nationality. However if we take the more obvious relationship of Arcus and Harcus, this is locational from a place in the Border Country of Berwickshire between England and Scotland, called Harcase. We consider that Ark and Hark are the same name whilst Arkey is probably the diminutive of Ark, but whether Hark is a short form of Harkus and hence from Harcase is not proven. Another possibility is French from the town of Arcy, but as none of the English dictionaries of surnames appear to provide any explanations, we are left with quoting examples of recordings. These are taken from surviving church registers of the city of London and include Joane Urke who married John Holman at St Margarets Westminster in 1619, and Stephen Harke a witness at the church of St Bartholomew the Great in the city of London, in 1620,

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