SDB Popularity Ranking: 34752

Last name: Hugueville

SDB Popularity ranking: 34752

Recorded in many spelling forms including Le Huchot, Huchot, Huchier, Le Huquet, Huquart, Huchez, Huchard, Huquet this is a French surname which can be either occupational or occasionally residential as in Hugueville. It derives from the 14th century word "huchet" meaning a small horn, and as such describes either a messenger or herald, or possibly a town crier, one who drew the crowds attention by blowing a horn. The name is residential as Huquerville, meaning either the town with a horn, or more logically a town on the bend of a river. Unforunately early French records are either erratic or non-existent. Many registers were destroyed by the partizans during the 1789 - 1794 Revolution, because they were believed to be used by the Secret Police to check on the population. Sadly this is probably correct, but either way a great source of material has been totally lost. Such examples as we have been able to find from early days include Jacques Frances Hugueville of Montherme, Ardennes, on February 3rd 1769, and Jean Nicholas Huquart, at Le Fretz, Ardennes, on April 17th 1822. The first recording may be that of Jean Huquet, who married Marie Bacour, at Igney, Meurse-et-Moselle, France, on October 14th 1684. This was during the reign of King Louis X1V, known as "The Sun King", 1643 - 1715.

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