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Last name: Hulstrom

SDB Popularity ranking: 22668

Recorded as Hulstrim and Hulstrom, this is a surname of Germanic and Scandanavian origins. It can be either locational or ornamental. If the former it originates from any one of a number of places so-named, whose translation is "The stream in the wood." This is from the pre 7th century words "huls" meaning a wood, and "strom", a stream. Particularly in Scandanavia ornamental surnames, that is to say surnames which describe pleasant natural features, were widely adopted in the 18th century, after it was discovered by the governments of the three countries that only about one hundred surnames, almost all patronymics such as Larsen or Jenson, covered almost the entire region. In Germany at much the sametime, ornamental names were given to refugees, of which there were many. These were people of usually Christian and sometime Jewish origins, who fled to Germany and Poland from areas under Turkish control, during a time when fanatical Islam was at its height. This is also a surname which has been recorded in England since Victorian times with that for instance of Edward Albert Hulstrom who was baptised in London in 1887 although we do not the the actual date, and his son Edward Albert Adolf Hulstrom, whose date of birth was given as January 25th 1913.

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