SDB Popularity Ranking: 36098

Last name: Kinghorne

SDB Popularity ranking: 36098

Recorded in several spellings including Kinghorn, Kinghorne, Kinghan, and Kingan, this is a famous Scottish locational surname. It originates from the barony of Kinghorn in Fifeshire. The surname from the barony is ancient and first recorded as early as the year 1204 when Adam de Kinghorn, was given as being the 'regius clericus' or royal clerk of Scotland. He was therefore a person of great status at a time when less than five in a hundred people, could so much as write their name. Another early important nameholder was William de Kynghorn who in 1292 was appointed the constable of Edinburgh, one of the most important posts in the country. Throughout the next four hundred years nameholders were continually to be found holding important positions, with for instance Gilbert de Kynghorn being the burgess of Glasgow in 1428, whilst in 1597 James Kingorne held the post of collector of customs at Dunfermline. This it was recorded allowed him to 'tak the greit customes', from which one might imply that not all the money collected did reach the treasury! The name has been recorded in different parts of the world including Scandanavia, where Alexander Kinghorn was physician to King Christian of Denmark from 1510 to 1523.

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