SDB Popularity Ranking: 7276

Last name: Korn

SDB Popularity ranking: 7276

Recorded in many spellings, and found in its different forms throughout most of Europe, this is a surname of Germanic origins. These spellings include Korn, Korne, Kornes, Korner (Germany), Kornas, Korns, Kornlichuk (Czech and Ukraine), Korniak (Lithuania), Kornilov (Russia), and many others particulary 18th century ornamental compounds such as Kornberg (corn mountain), Korngruen (corn green), and Kornweiss (corn white). It derives from the pre 7th century word 'korn' and as such it is usually occupational. In its original state, it described a corn merchant or dealer. The surname is often confused with and indeed sometimes shares the same spelling as Corn or Corne. This is an Anglo-French surname which has nothing whatsoever to do with corn as a grain, but originates from the word 'corne'. This describes an early musician, particularly a cornet player. Surviving register records from the former Eastern Europe are very poor, and therefore all examples for this name are taken from the excellent German records. These examples include Bentz Korn of Pforzheim in 1352, Haintz Cornai of Oberstdorf in 1361, and Martin Kornes of Biberach, in 1508.

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