SDB Popularity Ranking: 32880

Last name: Krugmann

SDB Popularity ranking: 32880

This is an ancient surname of international reputation and Germanic origins. Recorded in many spellings including Kroger, Kruger, Krug, Kroge, Krogmann, Krochmann, and Krugmann, it has two possible origins both occupational. The first is or rather was, in medieval times, a descriptive surname for a manufacturer or merchant of glass and pottery, and in particular mugs, pitchers and jugs. This is from the pre 7th century High German word "kruog". The second possible origin derives from the Middle German word "krug" meaning an inn or tavern, and hence describes an innkeeper. Occupational surnames were often the first to be used, but they usually only became hereditary when a son or perhaps a grandson of the founder, continued in the same trade or profession. In this case there are some very early recordings in the surviving German rolls and charters of the Middle Ages, and these include Lotze Crugir of Kassel in 1351and Henecke Krogher of Hannover, in 1420. The most famous name holder is probably Paulus Kruger, (1825 - 1904) the president of the free Boer Republic of the Transvaal from 1881 to 1902.

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