SDB Popularity Ranking: 15493

Last name: Lehrer

SDB Popularity ranking: 15493

Recorded in various spellings including: Lehr, Lehrer, Lehrian, and Lehrmann, this is a surname which can be either Germanic or Hebrew. It is also one of several possible origins. Firstly it may be topographical and derive from the ancient pre 7th century word 'lehr' akin to the English 'leah', and as such describing an enclosure suitable for agriculture or possibly a water meadow, one which was flooded in winter but dried out for summer grazing. The second possible origin is from the word 'lehrer or lerer' meaning 'teacher'. This may be religious or it may describe a teacher in a traditional elementary school. It would depend on the particular circumstances at the time that the surname was first given out. The third of the origin options is locational from several places in Southern germany and Austria called 'Lehr'. These place names cannot have referred to a teacher, and must have derived from old water meadows. One of the early recordings is that of Johannes Lehr appears in the charters of Ennetach, Saulgau, in 1695.

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