SDB Popularity Ranking: 17041

Last name: Lochran

SDB Popularity ranking: 17041

Recorded as O' Loughran, O' Loughrane, Loughran, Loughrane, Laugheran, Lochran, Lockrane, Lockron, Lockram and possibly others, this is almost certainly an Irish surname, although one which may have some Scottish antecedents. It is most associated with Northen Ireland and the province of Ulster, and in particular the counties of Tyrone and Armagh. It is believed to derive from the ancient Gaelic O' Luchrain, from the word 'luchar' meaning bright, and as such was probably a nickname given to the first chief of the clan. In past times the family were particularly renowned for their support of the Catholic Church, and the provision of many of its leaders. The branch of the family in Armagh provided probably the first recorded nameholder being Thomas O' Loughran, the Dean of Armagh, who died in 1416. Later examples included Father John O' Loughran in 1576 and later Father Patrick O'Loughran in 1612, both of whom were executed for their support of the church. Curiously the name as Lockram is recorded in England from as early as 1628, and perhaps even more surprisingly is Protestant, with that of Samuel Lockram at St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, on July 10th of that year.

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