SDB Popularity Ranking: 12104

Last name: Lung

SDB Popularity ranking: 12104

Recorded in the spellings of Lunk, Luncke, Lank, Lunckin, Lung, Lunge, and probably others, this is almost certainly of German or Saxon pre 12th century origins, and according to the registers, mainly from the state of Westfalen. There seems to be at least two possible meanings. The first is that the surname derives from the medieval word "lunge" meaning to call out, which if correct would indicate that the original nameholders were proably town criers or heralds, the second possibility is that the name is locational from a place called "Lunka". In the diminutive form, i.e. kinsman of Lunck, Lunkin, and possibly Lonkin, it is apparently recorded in England in the 17th century, Priscilla Lunkin marrying James Collier at the church of St James, Clerkenwell, on November 27th 1666. This however may be a simple spelling error. German church and charter records are often erratic or even non-existent, many having been destroyed in the wars which have swept through the region over the centuries. However we have been able to extract a number of examples of interest. These include Adamas Lung, a witness at the Evangelist Church, Mosbach, Baden, July 18th 1764, and Caspar Heinrich Lunk, christened at Kamen Evangelist church, Westfalen, on January 1st 1821. The first known German recording is believed to be Agneiss Lunck, who married Johan Barenbergh, at Hattinger, Westfalen, on January 12th 1627.

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